La Dune du Pilat, by Annabelle

17 August 2018

One day in Bordeaux we went to the sand dune. We knew that the sand dune was giant. First it started with an early early tram ride, and then we went on a train that was about an hour (took a pretty long time), then we got off the train and there was a really messy bathroom. We all had to go to the restroom but we couldn’t because it was disgusting. So we kept on walking and we finally caught our bus. The bus was really busy and had lots of people. Me and Amelia were trying to stand up, but every time it stopped we would fling forward and almost fall over.

We got off the bus, finally, and we walked to the sand dune (actually we just followed the people who were going there too because we didn’t know the way). So we ended up at the sand dune and then we went to the bathroom.

Then we climbed to the first little hill. Then we looked all the way up it and said, “Uh oh, we have a long way to go.” And there was a bunch of other people. But it was a very pretty view. When I took my flip flops off for the first time in the sand, it felt magical. But then at the end it just felt like rocks because I was just so tired.

So we got to the top of the first hill and we kept on walking because there were lots of ups and downs and ups and downs. Finally we stopped for lunch. We had ham and cheese sandwiches that my mom made for us.

Then, me and my dad ran aaalllll the way down. But the bad thing was we had to climb up again. So we climbed up again and it took a good 30 minutes. I was really tired.


But we kept walking and we soon headed down to the beach. I ran down to the beach, there was lots of air in my face. I couldn’t stop.


The beach was sooooo pretty, there was an island, you couldn’t really see it, but you could tell that it had lots of boats and people. We didn’t go to the island but we watched lots of boats and people go to the island. In the water I put my finger in a plastic bread bag and splashed around so it wouldn’t get wet. BTW, my finger is doing great now. The water was freezing cold but it felt so good.

After awhile of jumping, paragliding with towels and running across the beach we dried off and headed up to the top of the sand dune again. This time our whole family ran down the sand dune together. But we didn’t have to climb back up again because we were done. But don’t forget the most important part. Yes, we got ice cream.


After the ice cream, we headed back to the same bus. We got on and it wasn’t as busy but still a little busy. We headed back to the train, got on, and headed home. Then we went on the tram that took us all the way home. We all collapsed asleep and that was the end of the sand dune day. (Yes, that included dinner) 🙂

Bye, thanks for reading!

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  1. That sand dune looks like the most magical place. I wish I could have been there too! Desmond wants to know what flavor ice cream did you get?


  2. Hi Annabelle
    your day looked amazing, very tiring but lots of fun the picture of you on the sand dune laying down looks exactly like the picture of Terri she had taken in Spain (I think it was Spain, grandad will know for defo ) your stories are lots of fun and seeing you all smiling is great, I hope your finger is not feeling as sore now and is healing well. carry on with the wonderful pictures lots love xx


    You are so beautiful…!! We LOVE reading the stuff that you and Amelia write… WE LIVE FOR IT…!!
    Please… Please… Please… Pleeeeeeeeeease… don’t grow up…!!!… EVVAAAAAAAAAHH…!!! XOXOXOXO


  4. Amelia, Annabelle, I enjoy reading your accounts of your great adventure. Keep them coming.


  5. HI ANNABELLE! I can’t wait until you get back. I have missed you a lot. I hope you are having fun on your trip. I got Ms. Engel for my teacher, she is nice. See you in 9 months, about. BYE! Lucy


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