By the numbers

As of July 1st, 2019

Days away:


Countries visited (and traveled through):

17 (Current country, United States)

Cities visited (at least one overnight):

62 (Current city, Seattle, United States)

Number of plane trips:

20 (last plane trip, Boston to Seattle)

Number of bus trips:

10 (last bus trip, Cuenca to Guayaquil)

Number of train trips (not including local subway/metro trips)

21 (Last train trip, Nha Trang to Saigon)

Number of boat trips:

9 (Last was the trip back to Puerto Ayora from Puerto Villimil)

Hotel stays:

35 (last hotel, Boston, U.S.A)

AirB&B’s stays:

24 (last AirB&B was Guatemala city, Guatemala)

Hostel stays:

2 (last hostel was in Chiang Mai)

Guest house stays:

3 (last Guesthouse was in Chiang Rai)

Dad run count (mileage):

127 runs, (694 miles) – (last run – Laconia loop)

Mom run count (mileage)

104 runs (491 miles) – (last run, Cuenca – April 6th)

Amelia books read:

148 (Last book was – Always and Forever Lara Jean)

Teeth loss total (kids ;)):

5 (Last loss, Annabelle Molar)

Barf count 🙂

1 (Last was momma)

ER visits 😦



  1. I can’t wait to see these tallies!! Cool idea!


  2. Love the mileage count! And I hope the barf count stays at zero. Have fun and stay safe.


  3. Hi Wayne!!! What a great family adventure. I’m glad you and the crew are exploring. What a wonderful way to enjoy a year together.

    If you, for some reason, stop in Boston do say hello!!!



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