Art in Bordeaux! By Amelia

August 18, 2018

Bonjour lecteurs!

This post is about some art that we came across in Bordeaux.

We were meandering through a big square that had restaurants and ice cream places, and we saw what looked like an art show in an old church. We walked through the art show admiring the AMAZING pieces of artwork.

We were also talking about each one, and what we liked about it, didn’t like about it, what we thought was interesting, what we thought was boring, etc., and we strolled all the way around. When we got to the end, the woman who was running the show, (at the time we thought that she was just working there, but we realized soon after that she was the one doing all the art!) said something to us in French, but luckily she spoke english, so she translated: “If you want to do some art yourself, you can go over there.” She pointed to an art station that we had glanced at when we came in, not sure if we were allowed to touch it or not.

We walked over to the art station, where I took up the art of crayons, and Annabelle learned to work with pastels. We worked on our art for a solid hour, and in the end, I was actually proud of my artwork, which was a first.

Annabelle drew a portrait of Dad, with pink hair, and green beard stubble. She was inspired to add swirls to the side, because she liked the way it looked on the artist’s drawings.

After that, my dad wanted to draw a portrait of Annabelle using charcol. I was just finishing my art piece when my dad started drawing Annabelle. He was having some trouble, because Annabelle was looking way too masculine, but then the woman came over, and using her finger, and finger only, swiped at the jawline, and suddenly Annabelle was female! It was so amazing, and she just used her finger to adjust the slant of the jawline!

Anyway, after my dad finished the portrait of Annabelle, which turned out to be really good, we talked to the woman who did all of the art about what inspired her to draw/paint/sketch etc., the art pieces she had created. As she explained about her 3 sons and husband and why she drew them, the art pieces suddenly had a new meaning, because I knew what was behind those pencil sketches or the strokes of the brush.

We had a great time at the art show, and thank Anne d’Aressy for showing us her artwork and letting us create art pieces of our own.

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  1. Hi Amelia
    It looks like you really liked the art work and the chance to draw and sketch yourself in France must of been amazing especially with the artists help, I love seeing all the adventures you are all having and also the struggles you are all overcoming together, continue to have fun and I look forward to seeing more posts love to you all xx


  2. What a wonderful experience Amelia. great drawings .Lovely blog x love you all xx


  3. HEY AMELIA…!! NICE WORK!! I’m going to be “frightfully” honest here, hoping that I don’t OFFEND anyone into a panic retreat to a “Safe Room”…
    but after seeing the “Stubble-Beard-Daddy” and the “Intensely-Possessed-Eyeballs -Of-A’Belle” pictures, I must say that I’m quite pleased that you didn’t venture into the Field of Portraiture (insert vigorously laughing emoji here). Stick to Abstract Expressionism and you’ll be just fine. (insert another vigorously laughing emoji here also).

    WE LOOOOOOOOOVE READING YOUR STUFF…!!!!… Wouldn’t bother us a bit if you and A’belle both developed blisters on your “Writers’ Fingers”, ’cause Kids write Kool stuff. It’s like there’s a direct, express, no-nonsense connection from your eyes & ears to your brain to your fingers to the pen to the paper… and NOTHING else gets in the way. (Ummmm… waitaminit… fingers… to keyboard… to device screen to outer space.
    Phhbbblliittt… who uses pen & paper anymore… eh??)

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