Amaru Zoo, by Annabelle

6 April 2019

In Cuenca, we went on a hike. But the thing is, the hike was a zoo! We took a really long taxi ride up a windy hill and arrived at the box office and they gave us a map.

Once we had checked in we started on the hike. The first thing we saw was the Bird Show. We saw a bunch of different birds and had an amazing view.



After the bird show we kept hiking and saw [Andean] condor feeding. Their wings were massive!



After that we hiked up to get some lunch and someone told us that, “The lion feeding is now,” so we went and saw the lion feeding. So many feedings, right?



After the lion feeding we ate lunch and after that we saw the frogs which came in all different sizes and shapes. They were connected to the snake habitat so we got to see some pretty cool snakes, also in all colors and sizes.

After that we saw the monkeys, which, by the way, had the best habitat. There were wire tunnels all through the zoo that the monkeys could climb through.



After the amazing monkeys we saw the jaguars, which were so cool. There were also tortoises and birds and bears and so many other animals. It was a super long hike, and a hard day, but it was totally worth it!



Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Farewell chicas y chicos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great blog Annabelle x that was a very big zoo .love you all xxx


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