London and Tower Bridge by Annabelle

After we left Nanny & Grandad’s, we went to our uncles Peter & Guy’s very fancy place in London. It had very nice furniture and lots of things to eat and drink. On the couch the head things could move back and forth so you could have a head rest. Their floor was very slippery and me and Amelia were sliding all over it.

The deck is ginormous and as big as 2 houses combined. You could see almost all of London and almost all of its cool features. We danced on the deck and it was really windy.

We went to Tower Bridge and got to walk on the very tippety top. It has pieces of glass on the bottom so you could look all the way down. It was really cool but also very scary.

We went to a museum and found swings. They were really tall and big. Me and Amelia swung on the tallest swing.

We had chocolate croissants and a mini passion fruit cake after swinging. We went to a Chinese restaurant on a boat for dinner.

Thank for Peter and Guy for letting us stay in your home, and making our beds and feeding us amazing breakfast!

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  1. HEY A’BEEEEEEELLLLE…!!! My stomach is still flip-flopping, and it’s been 2 hours since I looked at your picture taken through “The Looking Floor” of Tower Bridge…!! Pleeeeeeeeeze, Pleeze, Pleeze… don’t doooooooo that anymore! I get VERY dizzy! Insert many laughing emojis here.)

    From what I can tell via yours and Amelia’s blog posts… you guys ARE EATING ALL THE FOOD IN EUROPE…!! If La-La and I come over, are we going to have to bring our own bag lunches? Every where you go, all you do is EAT!-EAT!-EAT!… (snails…???… eeek!)

    And, we liked what you blogged about Uncle Peter’s & Uncle Guy’s London digs… and that they cooked awesome breakfasts for you and made your beds too… so, if you don’t mind, would you please ask them if it’s ok if La-La & I came over and moved in with them for… oh… maybe a decade or two…?? (Insert many laughing emojis here.)

    See Ya Annabelle! Next Stop Is Wherever You Want It To Be!
    (Are you spending Euros yet?)
    La-La and I LOVE reading your blog posts…!!!


  2. So excited to be following you around the world via your blog.


  3. What a fun time with family! I love your haircut!


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