England! – by Amelia


I know this post is also late, 😐, but here it is now:

In England there were many ups and downs, and I will tell you about many of them in this post.

Getting to watch the World Cup in England:

When we realized that England was going to be in the semi finals for the World Cup, we were super excited. One, because we were going to be in the place were EVERYBODY was rooting for England, AND we were going to be able to watch it with our family, going through the ups and the downs of the game with them. When World Cup day came around, we looked through all of the family friendly restaurants and pubs, but they were all packed. There was absolutely no sitting or standing room at all. We finally found a bowling alley, that had a bunch of older citizens in it, but had TONS of screens. We were like, “bowling AND watching the World Cup at the same time? SCORE!” So, even though England lost, we had a great time bowling!

Seeing family!

Half of our family live in England, so we got to see A LOT of family. We stayed at our aunt and uncles house for the week, but we spent 2 nights with our grandparents, at their house in Brightling Sea. Our grandparents came over to Clacton-on-Sea every day, and so did our oldest cousin, Terri, with her two toddlers, James, and Billie. We did things every day, like going to the arcade/pier, going to the beach, hanging at home, or playing with our second cousins. My other cousin, Abbie, came down from Harlow to see us for a couple of days. We also had a gathering of family and friends, before we left, so yeah, A LOT of family! Thank you to all of the fam for hosting us! We love you sooo much! xxxxx


One of the days that we were in England, we went crabbing. I had never gone crabbing before, and I ended up loving it! That afternoon, we got all of our crabbing nets and bait, and went to the beach. At first, we were behind a railing, trying to throw the nets into the water from a long way away. That wasn’t working, and Terri accidentally threw her net into the water😁, so we went lower on the dock so that we were right next to the water. We started to catch little crabs, and then we were catching bigger and bigger crabs. I caught a HUGE crab right before we left, and I was so proud of myself.😁

Thanks for reading!

Goodbye until next time,


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  1. Pamela,my spouse of many years, is from England (Richmond, Yorkshire, to be precise) and we were cheering on the Three Lions while in Kaua’i. Sadly, it was not to be. I was hoping for a France v. England final. Oh, so much history and baggage! Hundred Years War, French and Indian War (Seven Years War in Europe), American Independence with vital assistance from France, allies in the World Wars, EU Bros, and now Brexit… oh, the English and the French have soooooo much between them (even the Chunnel). The icing would have been a World Cup final. At last, not to be… Viva la France! My French twin cousin was very happy… in a French way.
    Bowling Alley, huh? Pamela always calls it Ten Pin Bowling as compared to, what? Seven Pins?


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