The Weaving Sisters, by Amelia

Luang Prabang, Laos

December 17, 2018

As an early Christmas Present, my parents got my sister and I a weaving class with The Weaving Sisters. Ordinarily, I’m not the crafty one in the family. My drawing of a face looks more like a bruised pear, and when I used to paint, I got more paint on me than on the canvas. Annabelle has more of an artistic side than I do, so I wasn’t expecting to be good at this weaving thing.

When we got there, the sisters spoke very good English and welcomed us into their workshop/home.

Side note- In Laos, most of the shops are peoples houses as well.

Anyway, they gave us a tour of their small shop, which consisted of handmade fabrics that they weaved and other villagers weaved. The weavings were so intricate, and I was just blown away at how detailed they were.

After that, my parents left to hang out in town while we were weaving. We got set up with the back-strap loom, which straps around your back. See the pictures below.

After just 5 minutes, it felt like we had known the weaving sisters forever. They were so nice, offering us peanuts, and just making us feel at home. They showed us how to use the loom, and then transferred the loom to us. It was super complicated at first, but after the first 20 minutes we had it down pat.

After 30 minutes, we took a break. I hadn’t realized that sitting on the hard ground for 30 minutes would kill my butt. I literally could not get up it hurt that bad. It took half of the break just to get up😂 Then, the sisters guided us through some yoga, which helped. From then on, I used a cushion!

The weaving was very meditative, but it was never silent! The older sister liked to tease the younger sister about how I was literally half a foot taller than she was! The younger sister would then say… “I’m 31 but I’m still growing!!” We played games, held singing competitions, and told jokes. It was awesome! We were constantly laughing.

Through all of that, Annabelle and I each wove our own headbands! AND, since I am not ordinarily crafty, it really surprised me that the headband actually turned out looking good!

So, if you are ever in Luang Prabang… DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

The Weaving Sisters have an Instagram account where you can look at their products, and learn more about them. They are @theweavingsisters

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  1. Such a lovely blog Amelia and beautiful photo’s. What a intresting day you both had .love you all xxx


  2. What a cool experience!! Did they talk about the yarn? What is it made of? From where did they get it?


  3. Such an awesome experience. Wonder if you could duplicate the loom when elsewhere. Love your posts. Enjoy !!


  4. I gotta tell ya, Amelia… weaving really dy-no-mite headbands on a bunch’a sticks hung off your bod!!
    Who’d’a evah thunk it could be done… and YOU GUYS DID IT…!!
    (it’s probably good if your feet are clean too… yes? It seems that your feet play somewhat of a key role in the whole thing…no?)
    We know someone who’d probably LOVE to be taught how to do that! ERIN! Will you teach her when you get here? All we’ve gotta do is get some sticks and yarn, right? I’ve got some bamboo sticks in our shed, but they might not be as nice & smooth, if that makes a difference.

    See Ya!!
    Love You Guys!!


  5. What an amazing opportunity! We are putting this on our to do list for sure!


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