Socks and Sewing, by Annabelle

September 2-9, 2018

When we were in Frankfurt (Germany) with Sue and John and their dog Bailey I really wanted to make a sock monkey, and they had the stuff to make it. So I used a pair of John’s old socks and did the steps to make the sock monkey.

When I was finished since they didn’t have stuffing I stuffed it with Bailey’s old ripped up stuffies.

And I made it clothes with John’s old clothes. It was very hard to hand sew the clothes, so Sue brought out her sewing machine and it was way easier.

It was very hard to say Good Bye to my sock monkey named Peter, but I knew he was in good hands with Sue & John.

We heard he climbed a rope and got promoted to captain.

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  1. I love your monkey! Thank goodness you had a great 4th grade teacher who taught you how to do that! 😉 Just kidding! You actually taught me and the entire class!

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  2. NICE SOCK MONKEY, A’BELLE…!!! I Like It! It looks like a basketball player monkey… REALLY Looooooong arms and legs! (Probably won’t be long for very long once Bailey finishes chewing on it.)

    We need you to make us a SOCK BEAR! We’ve got black bears running around our neighborhoods here! A Momma and her Cub have been spotted in many back yards in neighborhoods around here for the past few weeks now. We think that if we hang a Sock Bear outside our house, the real bears will know that we like them and not try to sock us on our noggins. We’ll name him “Sock-O”… HAHAHAHA!!

    I hope that you or Amelia will write a blog post about your visit to The Oktoberfest Fairgrounds in Munchen. I’d really like to hear your impressions because now, you guys and I have been to EXACTLY the same place, a buh-zillion miles away, FIFTY-TWO YEARS APART…!!! WooooHoooo!!! Maybe you even sat at the same table that I did in one of the big beer halls!! Wouldn’t THAT be GINORMOUSLY Awesome!! (I want to know what you drank… I’m sure you didn’t drink litre steins of beer… (I hope you didn’t)… so what was in yours & Amelia’s litre-size steins??

    OK… Keep On Boogie-ing On Down The Road… Along The Rails… And Through The Skies!! (Imagine if you were traveling by motorcycles!! Oooooo!!)
    WE LUV YOU TUNZ!! XOXOXO!! And Keep On Writing… WE LOVE IT!!


  3. OK A’Belle… I have another question… what is the origin of “ABELLY18″…??


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