Driving across France! – by Amelia

Saturday July 28 – Tuesday July 31, 2018

After our awesome week in Bayeux, we were planning to drive across France. (which makes the second country I’ve driven across.)

We set off on July 28, (we had to walk to the rental car place with our backpacks after an unsuccsessful call to the taxi company(who got annoyed with Dad’s english)).

After an hour and a half of driving, stopped at Mont Saint-Michelle, which was incredible. There was a tiny town inside of the walls, where we had a good lunch stop, and then proceeded to climb as far as we could climb up the castle without having to buy a ticket, which WAS pretty far up. If we wanted to get to the hotel where we were going before dark, we couldn’t spend a lot of time at the castle anyway, so it was good that we didn’t get a ticket to go to the top after all. The tide was out, so we had the privilege of going across the mud flats, which was AWESOME! Annabelle and I took our shoes off right away, and felt the mud squeeze between our toes 🙂 (Read more about Mont Saint-Michel in Annabelle’s blog post!)

After the mud flats, we got back to the car, and drove 3 1/2 hours to Tours, which we learned after, was pronounced Toughghghghgh, which sounds exactly like spelled. Toughghghgh. We got dinner in the restruaunt in the hotel, and I had Courdon Bleu for the first time. I loved it! That was the first hotel I stayed in where Annabelle and I each got our own beds! It was amazing. During the night, I didn’t have Annabelle radiating hotness, and she didn’t have me kicking her all night! SO GREAT!!! Anyway, in the morning, my mom made Annabelle and I get up early to go to a park that she said was beautiful. Right away Annabelle and I asked if there was a playground. My mom said that she didn’t know, which got Annabelle and I in a funk, because what’s the point of going to a park if there’s no playground?

When we got to the park, we realized that there WAS a playground, which made us more willing to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, which included a tiny stream, which had a brigde covering it, and tall trees that were REALLY green. My dad was on a run, so I’m sure he saw his own beautiful surroundings.

After about a half an hour, we walked back to the hotel to enjoy an AMAZING breakfast, which included boiling your own eggs, using an egg timer to boil the eggs, mini chocolate croissants, mini regular croissants, good fruit salad, etc. We had to leave pretty early after breakfast, so we all took a shower, got dressed, and set off for our second day of driving, which was the longest leg (about 6 hours on the road).

Annabelle and I passed the time by listening to music, playing slither.io on the tablet, and looking out the window. About 4 hours in, we stopped in a little town called Clement-Ferrand, where we got lunch in a little patissery, where the owners spoke un tout petit peu d’anglais (a tiny bit of English) It took a while to order what we wanted, with my dad of course asking what every single word in english was in french. 🙄

So, after we finally got out of the patissery, we found a huge park, where we decided to sit and have lunch. When we were eating, we kept getting divebombed by bees, so Annabelle and I moved to a bench, where we got to eat our food peacefully, without having to worry about bees. After lunch, we got back in the car to drive for the remaining 2 hours. (Which, by the way, I managed to attain 1st place on the leader board for slither.io)

After 6 hours of driving we arrived in Valance, which may have been the hottest place I’ve been to, but anyway, we got to Valance, got to the AirB&B, and realized that… There was no air conditioning!😓😭It was SO HOT, and all of us were crowded around the one fan that we had. (The host would bring another one later on, but for the first day, we only had to one fan.) After we all took 2 very cold showers each, we got dressed and left the apartment to enter and even hotter outside. We walked around the town to explore for a little bit, and then had dinner at a Bankok Street Food restruaunt that was VERY good. I had some chicken kabobs, and they were AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! For dessert we had mango sticky rice, that was also AMAZINGLY GOOD!! After dinner, we walked around the town for a little bit, and then headed back to the house. By the time I was in bed, and started to read, it was already 10:30, but I couldn’t fall asleep, so I kept reading until 12:00. 😬

During the middle of the night, it was SO SO SO HOT, so I tried to sleep on the bare floor, because that was literally the ONLY cold thing in the house. (Also, remember that we only had one fan for the first night, which my parents so graciously put blowing on us for the first night.) I woke up AGAIN, cause I was ridiculously hot, and my dad was lying next to me on the comforter, because he needed the fan blowing on him, so I went into the bathroom and splashed myself with water, which felt really good for the first couple seconds, but evaporated very quickly.

Finally, the morning came, but all us were tired and grumpy, cause none of us had a good nights sleep. We all moped around in the morning, and Annabelle and I tried to watch french kid’s tv, but even with slow talking elephants, Annabelle and I barely understood any of it. All 4 of us must have taken at least 20 cold showers combined, and I’m not even joking. My dad was getting antsy, so he left the apartment, to look at the really old cathedral in town. My mom, Annabelle, and I each took a cold shower, and left the apartment to meet my dad, and then look for a place to have lunch. We each got sandwiches, and walked to a really pretty park that had a playground, a train for little kids that went around the park, bungee trampolining, and a very mini zoo. Annabelle did the bungee trampolining, but I did not feel like bouncing, so I watched her. After Annabelle’s 30 minute jump session was over, we walked over to the mini zoo, which contained a few sheep, mabye some goats, ducks, and huge fish.

After that, we went to a really pretty church and it was VERY silent. We sat there for a little while, and then Annabelle and I each got to light a candle and make a prayer for someone. After that we left, and it felt even hotter outside because the church was very air conditioned.

We were all pretty thirsty, so we went to a resturaunt/pub that served drinks, while having a conversation about some interesting topics (Mabye mom or dad will specify.)

We didn’t want to go out to eat, because that’s all we’d really been doing for the past 2-3 weeks, so we went to the grocery store, which was very nicely air conditioned, by the way, and got food for dinner. We walked home, and after we had a good home dinner, my mom, my dad, and I tried to learn some French on Duolingo, and while Annabelle fell asleep to “The Greatest Showman” music, we learned that a, u, eu, ue, ect. all sounded the same, but meant totally different things. We quickly abandoned our plan to learn french pronunciation, and tried to fall asleep.

I read pretty late again, and when I put my kindle away, Annabelle woke up. We each took a cold shower, talked for a little bit, and then fell asleep again. I woke up another few times during the night, but only took 2 cold showers!

We left on the earlier side of midday, and set off for our final destination… Nice! We drove for 3 ½ hours uneventfully, but then we had to find the place where we were supposed to drop off the rental car. The rental car place was at the train station, but then we had to find WHERE in the train station it was. We just had to follow signs for “Hertz,” and of course it was on the VERY top floor of a car park garage. We had to drive up 6 levels of full on twirls, like the kind at the car park for the airport. By the time we got to the top, I was ready to add the first tally on to “barf count” (luckily I did not)

We dropped off the car, and realized that we had to walk from the train station back to the Nice apartment, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except for the fact that we had backpacks half the size of our body.😭😓 It was SO exausting to walk back in the still sweltering heat, but the good thing was that we were meeting our friends for adip in their hotel’s rooftop pool! Anyway, we got to Nice safely, soundly, and tired. More about Nice is coming soon!

Thanks for reading our blog!

Au revoir,


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  1. What a lovely blog x Amelia x have fun love you all xxx


  2. Ahhhhhh… time for AAAP (Another Awesome Amelia Post)…!!
    A great trivia question to store somewhere in one of the dusty, dark back rooms of my brain… “What’s a Clio?”

    Sounds like certain French Folk are doing all they can to “enhance” their reputation of being annoyed with people who make good efforts at being friendly and trying to speak French, but can’t do it to perfection. Perhaps it’s time to learn the phrase “Have a Grumpy Day!” We can loan them a guy we know who’ll help them build a wall around their country… Joking! Joking! Even the French bees are mean… eh? Betch’a their honey is bitter… Joking! Joking! They probably even laughed at Daddy’s baseball hat and told him that he didn’t even know how to speak English!… Joking!! Joking!! (Sometimes I have a Rodney Dangerfield rush… you’re too young to know him. Ask Mommy and Daddy who he is… Oooops! THEY might be too young to know him!)

    Time for you and A’belle to start exercising your “Cuteness Capabilities” and demanding upgraded accommodations from your two tour directors… like separate beds and A/C. Or… you and A’belle could just go sleep in the churches. You’ll each have your own pew AND air conditioning! HA!! HA!! HA!!
    Aren’t cold showers GREAT?? I take them all the time when we’re in Flat Florida.

    Did Daddy tell you, emphatically, to NEVER fill up your motorcycle gas tank with the BLACK handled petrol hose!?!? (Careful… it’s GREEN in the US.)

    Ok… time for my cold shower! Then we’re going to the zoo where I’m determined to find a slow talking elephant!
    When do you and A’belle start school again… the formal kind… the one with daily book-learnin’… and HOMEWORK??… (waitaminit… how’s that going to work??… YOU’RE NOT HOME!! You could go to a French school where they’ll give you a failing grade even before you walk in the door… Joking!! Joking!!)

    Pleased to hear that you weren’t the first to “kick-start” the “Barf Count”.

    La-La & Pa

    Liked by 2 people

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