Simply, Sydney by Amelia

Feb 24 – 26, 2019

Sydney, Australia

In Sydney, we did many things. I have always been scared of Australia because of all the poisonous things that come from there, but I really didn’t have much to worry about, as the only dangerous animals we saw in the wild were lots of beached jellyfish. I still didn’t go into the water, though.

Some things that we did in Sydney were:

A bus tour! We rode all around Sydney on a double decker bus, learning all about Sydney. It was a hop-on hop-off bus, so we got off at some stops to explore around. This was really cool, because it was faster than walking, and we got to go all over Sydney!

One of the stops was the Sydney harbor bridge. We got off, and then went to go get some ice cream. The ice cream made us feel disgusting, because it was so thick and sweet, so we had to run up to the bridge, so that we could burn off some sugar. Then we watched people through my dad’s super zoom camera from the bridge. We also got a fantastic view of the Opera house! To be honest, we were expecting a huge blindingly white opera house, but in reality, it was way smaller, and grayish. It was still amazing to actually be there, but it was a little discouraging.

Another place we went was the botanical gardens and the opera house. We stopped at the botanical gardens first, which was actually super cool! We went into a exhibit which was all about carnivorous plants! There were so many types, and we learned so much! We also had a lot of fun looking at random things under a microscope.

Then, we walked over to the Opera house, and it was just amazing to actually BE there. I had seen so many pictures, and the Sydney Opera house was the first thing I thought of when I thought of Australia. We took lots of pictures!

My dad had a friend that he hadn’t seen in a long time, who lived in Sydney, so we arranged to meet at their house. We walked along so many beaches, one of which included the famous Bondi Beach! Then, we met Clare, Dadda’s friend at the end.She drove us to her house, where we met the rest of her family. We had an amazing time talking, and sharing stories, and we had to leave way too soon. We had an amazing time, so lots of thanks to their family for hosting us!

One last thing, it was SOO NICE to be able to speak English after so long. We totally take it for granted that at home we can talk and understand each other easily, and one thing this trip has taught me is that you can easily take things like being understood, understanding, and wifi for granted, but once those things are in short supply, you really realize how much you need and use them.

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  1. Great blog Amelia! xxx

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  2. Hi Amelia!!… or maybe I should be saying “G’day Mate!… or are ladies in Australia called “Mate-ess”…??

    Yup, we’re thinking that you might have been feeling a bit more comfortable once you arrived back in a more “western” style country, but I must say, that Aussie English isn’t all that easy to understand either! At least not for me!

    A’belle talked a lot in her recent VLOG about missing all her friends… we’re sure that you probably feel the same. But think about how many NEW friends you guys have made… ALL OVER THE WORLD!! And now look!… you have some in Australia too!

    Travel On! The Road Never Ends…!! Always be ready to “Peek Around The Next Corner!!”
    Love You!!
    La-La & Pa xoxoxoxo

    (P.S. Have you considered, perhaps, a pet jellyfish?)

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  3. I would definitely not have gone in the water, either, Amelia. Sharks and all kinds of weird things. Many different creatures in Australia. Does the water really flush counter-clockwise ? Why is that ?


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