The Leaning Tower of Pisa, by Amelia

September 28, 2018

Ciao Lettori!!

One thing that I have always wanted to do, is see the Leaning tower of Pisa. I don’t know why, but it seemed so cool that a building could be sideways!! Anyway, while we were in Florence, we got to take a train and go see it, which Annabelle and I were super excited about. My parents had no interest in seeing it, but Annabelle and I persuaded them.

When we finally got to Pisa, Annabelle and I were I charge of finding the tower. I used Google Maps, and found the tower on the map, and we followed the map until we got there.

When we first saw the tower, we were looking straight on, so it didn’t look tilted whatsoever, and we thought we had came to the wrong place.

Once we got around to the other side, we realized that we were just looking at the wrong side. When we actually got to the right side, it was SUPER leaning.

We took LOTS of pictures, some of which include us trying to hold up the tower (not really).

After that, we went into the Visitors Center, where we watched a video about the tower. It turns out, that when they tried to build the tower, the ground was too soft, so the tower started leaning to one side. Then, during 1990-2001, they did renovation work because the tower was leaning at 5.5 degrees, it’s acutest angle ever in 1990. Architects predicted that the tower would fall over at 5.44 degrees, but luckily, it didn’t. The renovation project included removing soil and putting weight on the opposite side that it was leaning, until the tower was only leaning 3.99 degrees. (It’s still leaning at 3.99 degrees.)

We walked around the grassy area around the tower, and went into the church, where Annabelle and I listened to an audio guide explaining the art, design, technology, and architecture of the church. We walked around the church, and examined many different things that the audio guide mentioned.

We all got really hungry after that, so Mom and Annabelle went to go get some sandwiches (to hold us off before lunch) while Dad and I read. We took a few last pictures, and then left the Leaning Tower of Pisa to go find some Pizza😁😋

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  1. Ahhhhhh… there you are Amelia!… the other best-est, super-est, awesome-est traveling kid! It’s been awhile… glad you’re back doing scrivere again.
    Now… the big question: If those building fix-it people went to all that trouble and effort to stop the Leaning Tower of Pizza from falling over, why didn’t they straighten it up really straight instead of just to 3.99 degrees??… hmmmmmm??? I’ll bet that you know the answer. Imagine what would happen to the economy in Pizza… oops… PISA… if there WASN’T a Leaning Tower anymore!!

    That was funny… you were leaving the Leaning Tower of Pizza to go get Pisa… waitaminit… that doesn’t seem right… I think it’s the other way around. Per favore, ignore my jumbling up the Pisa/Pizza thing… very confusing!

    BTW… that has to be the most wikid, coolest way to carry around your water bottles!! Who figured that out?

    Ciao For Now!! xoxoxo

    (Hey… I noticed the “Barf Count” is at “1”… and Momma was the Barfer… what happened… too much PISA… HAHAHAHAHA!!)


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