New Hampshire!

Hello Readers!

Sorry that this blog post is late, given that I am enjoying my last day in England, but I just haven’t had any time.

The Lake!

Every summer, we go to New Hampshire to see our cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents. My grandparents own a big house, and right down a big grassy hill (That is usually more like hay because it is so hot) there is a pretty big lake called Opeachy Bay. Every year we swim in it more than half of the days we are there. There is a beach that has a pretty big swimming area, and right at the end of the swimming area, there is a float. That float is so awesome because you can do so many things with it. You can jump off of it, you can go under it, you can push people off of it, sunbathe on it, ect. One amazing thing that all 4 cousins (Amelia(12yrs), Adam(11yrs), Annabelle(10yrs), and Erin(9yrs)) did, was jump off of the back of it, and swim ALL THE WAY ACROSS. Not only that, but we swam ALL THE WAY BACK too! Even the younger cousins, and none of us needed the support crew (paddleboards) once! I call that AMAZING swimming! Other things that we enjoy doing on the lake include, water gymnastics, paddleboarding, looking for fish, swim races, dive sticks, building sandcastles, and much more. Thank you Lala and Pa for hosting us! We had a GREAT time, and love you very much!

Motorcycle Riding!

How it all started, was when my daredevil sister asked my grandpa, who loves motercycles, riding them, and anything related to them, if she could ride on the back of his motercycle. At the time, I thought she was crazy, riding out in the open, with no protection from traffic, or anything really, but my grandpa agreed to take her on a ride. I watched her get onto the back of his motorcycle, happy that I had both feet on the ground. I watched as they rounded the corner of the driveway and then went back inside. I was happy to be making friendship bracelets with my youngest cousin, Erin, while they were on their ride. When they came back, my sister ran into the screen room, and was talking/yelling really fast. She was saying things like, “That was so fun, Amelia if you don’t do this you’re going to miss out, you’ll never get to do something like this again, etc.” I suddenly felt like I WAS going to miss out, so I ran into the driveway and shouted, “I’ll do it!” So, 5 minutes later I was on the back of my grandpa’s motorcycle questioning my choices. On one hand I was ecstatic to be riding on the back of a MOTORCYCLE, but the other half of me was terrified to be riding on the back of a MOTORCYCLE. My grandpa started the engine, and we were off! At first, I was so scared. I was gripping the hems of my grandpa’s shirt so hard, I thought that I would rip the fabric. After about 2 minutes, I was having the time of my life. We rode around town for a little bit, and soon we were rounding the corner of the driveway. I got off the motorcycle and shouted, “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!”:)

Monkey Trunks!

As a tradition, we go to a ropes course called Monkey Trunks. It is the best ropes course I have ever been to. I LOVE it! There are 3 levels to Monkey Trunks. As you get higher, the obstacles get harder. There are many paths you can take, but I love to take the paths that lead me to the ziplines. The ziplines are SO cool. They go really fast, and since there are two ziplines, you can race someone to the bottom. Monkey Trunks stays open pretty late into the night, and if you do go at night, all the lights are on, and you can night climb! The only downside with going at night is the mosquitoes. They get really bad, and in one night at Monkey Trunks, I got over 30 bites! Just remember to wear lots of bug spray! Anyway, I highly reccomend Monkey Trunks if you happen to be near it.

Thanks for reading about my New Hampshire adventures!


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  1. AMELIA DOOD-ETTE…!!! BEST-EST EVAH BLOG STUFF… EVAH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…!!! (all your Mom posted was a bunch’a “whiney” stuff about cranky girls and being sooooo tired… sniffle, snuffle, whimper… And your Dad, well… he’s probably not back from his 17 day run yet… eh?)
    And Oh!… we know our lake is “Peachy”, and since we know that you and A’belle agree as much, perhaps you intended to spell it “Opeachy”. And that’s ok… La-La and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. But if not, the actual spelling is “Opeeche”. (Sorry for my “stomach-ache” expression in one of the pictures you posted. That was at the bus station just before your departure and I was just really sad to see all you guys leaving… but most-est of all, I was really sad that we weren’t GOING WITH YOU…!!)
    Comment, RE: the motorcycle riding experience, from me, the front half of the seat… YOU are “Passenger Perfection”… A’belle, on the other hand, is like a GIANT WRIGGLY WORM on steroids back there! She thinks she’s on an amusement park ride! Have Dad & Mom tell you how we all almost ended up in jail… TUNZ-A-LUV FOREVAH…!! La-La & Pa


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