Cousin Summer

We had a fantastic week in NH – our 8th summer in a row visiting my parents home – a very special place, complete with cousins! As a kid growing up north of Boston, some of my favorite memories were of when we’d rent a summer cottage in NH or Vermont for a week’s vacation, and simply play on the lake all day, swimming out to floating docks and jumping off hundreds of times. That our kids have these summer memories of their own with their cousins and grandparents is pretty cool. And a perfect kick off to our trip. We missed you this year Rog & Sue but are on our way!

Someone captured a photo of all 4 of them actually standing on the paddleboard, but I wasn’t quick enough.imag23947782125.jpg

Out on the dock with Uni the unicorn, a mid-week arrival that got jumped on a lot.

My mom showing the girls her bracelets with charms and coins from around the world that she collected when she traveled as a girl in a miltary family. When I was little, they were my favorite things to look at in her jewlery box.

My dad, with Annabelle on the back, and Wayne, heading out for a motorcycle ride. I’ll let the girls share more about their rides.

Annabelle and Erin at the top of Monkey Trunks, ready to zipline.

Adam, Annabelle and Amelia celebrating July 4th and Laconia’s 125th Anniversary with bouncy bash.

Driveway chalk

Nothing says “We love you!” more than a grandkid-made, 49th Anniversary ice cream sundae.imag2324602427882.jpg

Summer is exhausting.

We ate a LOT of ice cream. A blurry photo of make-your-own-sundaes at Kellerhaus.

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