Zagreb, Dubai, Bankok, Oh My! By Amelia

November 12-13, 2018

Leaving Zagreb, we were all excited, anxious, on edge, and ready to leave Europe. We were ready to take the next step.

Getting organized in Zagreb

When we got to the airport, we dropped off the rental car, and went through a surprisingly quick security check. By the time we got onto the plane, it was 2:30pm Croatia time.


When we got on the Emirates plane, we were SOOOO excited because there were so many movies! We were like, watching movies for almost 5 ½ hours? Score!!! When we were walking to our seat on the plane, we passed all of the first class seats. They were like a mini mini apartment, on a plane! Their tv screen was HUGE! I made it a goal of mine right then and there to ride first class once in my life.


We settled in, and soon after we were taking off. The Emirates plane was REALLY nice. They gave you blankets, headphones, and a pillow, although we didn’t use them on the first flight. We also had the best plane food I’ve ever had, including vanilla mousse for me and a slice of RAINBOW CAKE for Annabelle! I watched The Miracle Season (A volleyball movie), most of Mary Poppins (I got bored after a while), and a movie called The Swap. Then, we came into Dubai!


When we got off of the plane, we were bombarded with sparkles, jewelry, money, and all that sort of thing. We felt like it was around 8:30 pm (Croatian time), but it was 11:00pm Dubai time. We had a 4 hour layover, in which we brushed our teeth in the bathroom, got some minor groceries, and I tried to Facetime one of my friends, but we had technical issues. In the Dubai Airport, they have tons of those flat escalator things, so Annabelle and I got all of our energy out, by sprinting the opposite way. We got super tired, which was good, cause we were supposed to sleep on the next flight.

When we got on the plane this time, we started setting up our sleeping areas, which was really hard, because it’s really hard to make a sleeping area out of a plane seat. When we took off, we saw the whole city of Dubai with it’s flashing lights, almost ready to wake up.

We tried to start sleeping as soon as we got on the plane, because it was past 12:00am Croatian time (3am Dubai time), but it’s really hard to sleep on a plane, when it’s the longest time you’ve been on a plane before. We switched positions about 20 times, some of which included me lying on Annabelle, or Annabelle lying on me. Eventually, I fell asleep against the wall, and Annabelle fell asleep on her armrest. (I only know this, because of a picture Mama took while we were asleep.) See picture below.

When I woke up, I realized that I had missed breakfast! I was really disappointed, because as we learned from the last flight, Emirates plane food is really good! Anyway, I felt like I hadn’t slept at all, and it was really weird because my mom said that I slept for at least 3 hours, which is the best sleep I have ever gotten on a plane! We started descending in Bangkok, but I was too tired to look out of the window.

We were all super tired, so as soon as we landed, we went through the huge line to passport control, and went to go get our bags. It was around noon local time, but we felt like it was 6am. We were all SOOO tired, but we had to take a taxi to our hostel, which meant that we had to wait in a long line in a million degrees, and a billion percent humidity, which made it feel like a trillion degrees. Celsius.

We all felt like Dorothy from Kansas when she wound up in Oz. We finally got inside of a taxi, which was really nice, cause the air conditioner was on at full blast. The drive was like an hour, but I didn’t mind, because there was plenty to look at out of the window, like huge billboards! The taxi was really cool, because the driver had laminated all different types of currency from all over the world, and stuck them on his ceiling! We finally got to the hostel, which, by the way, was very nicely air conditioned, checked in, and got up to our room.


My parents said that we couldn’t sleep, otherwise we would be “wrecked”, but I didn’t see the point of that, cause I was clearly already “wrecked”. We stayed in the hostel for a couple of hours, half asleep, reading and sorting things out. My parents wanted to go out and exlore, so we forced ourselves out of the hostel (they made us go), and we found a really weird park, that was like an outdoor gym! Everybody was either running a loop, or excersizing on equipment.


Getting to the park was really really busy, and I was getting dizzy from all of the noise and craziness. Annabelle and I were starting to whine a little, (fine, a lot) so we left to go eat dinner at a very good local restaurant. At the restaurant, we got a lot of different things to each share, which all turned out to be very good. They were also playing soccer, so we watched Thailand play Indonesia. (Thailand won) After that, we went back to the hostel and fell asleep.


We actually managed to stay awake until 9pm. The next thing I knew, I woke up when my dad told me that he and mama were going downstairs to have some coffee in the lobby. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I said I understood, and fell asleep again. The next time I woke up, I got out of bed, and checked my phone, because I had remembered that my dad said that he would text me to check in. The first thing I noticed was the time. IT WAS ALMOST 2 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!!!! I texted my dad right away, to check if my phone time was right. He said it was. You can see our conversation below😂:

Anyway, I slept for 15 hours the first night, even though the beds were really hard, but then, the next night, I slept for 4 hours. Jetlag is TERRIBLE.

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  1. Quite a shocker… eh?? Comfy Croatia to a trillion degrees… CELSIUS!!… in just a few hours!
    Taxi driver better keep a close watch on his car… he could exit a restaurant lunch break only to find he now owns a convertible! HAHAHA!… (as soon as we get to December, these will change to “HOHOHO’s!”)

    Abell18’s got the Attitude: “I’m tired and I’m not taking another step, so I’m taking a nap on my backpack right here in the middle of this airport, no matter what!” … AND… “This little red hat is just temporary… next time you see me, I’ll be in the Captain’s seat and wearing that hat!”

    You and Abelly actually whined a little…??? Noooooooooooooo… HAHOHAHOHAHO… (almost December)

    Imagine, a TRILLION centuries ago, travelers going from Zagreb to Bangkok on boats, burros & camels never had to concern themselves with the effects of rapid time zone changes… eh? Food & water, however, probably wasn’t exactly Emirates Style.

    A TRILLION smooches & hugs… CELSIUS!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I bet keeping track of time is a trick! I didn’t think about that challenge. I hope you get into first class soon! (Take me with you please and thank you)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love reading your blogs and get a kick out of you and your sister. Enjoy your journey and keep bloggoing cause I love going on this trip with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Such a great blog Amelia x love you xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yikes… 15 hours of sleep. Bed sores? No matter… Well rested for more adventure. Mmmmm, Thai food.

    Bryan Pule


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