Nice, France sure is nice – by Amelia

Hello readers!

This blog post will be about staying in Nice, France from July 31st – August 5th!

When we got to Nice, we got back to our apartment after walking back from the rental car place, and right away we walked to the hotel that our friends were staying in. That hotel just happened to have a rooftop pool and bar, so both the parents and kids were happy.

We were very happy to see Maegan, Jason, Paige, and Alexa and we thank them for an awesome week.

I’m only going to write about my favorite day, but don’t worry, because we didn’t struggle to do a lot in one day!

So, we woke up relatively early in the morning, to do a guided bike tour with our friends. Our plan was to meet at the beach with the rest of our tour group, so we walked down to the beach where the guide introdued herself and told a little bit about the town before we got started. We then walked to the bike place, where we all got fitted for bikes and helmets. Then, we set off!

We rode through the town for a little bit stopping at random places to look at cool historical things that we never would have noticed before.

One example is that a ton of windows are painted on building walls to look like windows, because a long time ago they didn’t have enough money to have actual windows! We also stopped at a very old chocolate/candy shop that apparently still had Queen Victoria’s thank you letters because she liked it so much.

After riding through the town, we started to climb a big hill. When I say big, I mean BIG!

When we finally got to the top, it was worth it, because the veiw was AMAZING! We could see all of Nice, and the ocean streched out in front of us.

We could also see the whole beach stretching across the entire coastline. The guide gave us drinks at the top, which was really nice of her.

Then, we started to descend. I went over a bump, and my water bottle fell out of my water bottle holder and fell into a little stream by the side of the road, but one of the men on the tour got it for me, so it was okay. We got back to the bike place, where the tour guide finished up the tour, we paid, and left.

There was a big park with fountains that you could play in that was just across the street from our apartment, so all 8 of us got sandwiches, had lunch in the park, and then then Paige, Alexa, Annabelle, and I played in the fountains! It cooled us down, and it felt really good after being sweaty and hot on our bike ride!

After that, we all decided to meet up at the beach to swim for a little while, so Maegan, Jason, Paige, and Alexa walked back to their hotel to get ready for the beach, while we walked back to our apartment to get ourselves ready for the beach. We got back to the apartment, got our swimsuits on, got our towels, sunscreened up, and walked down to the beach, where we met our 4 companions. We spent a good 4 hours at the beach where we swam, got salty water in our mouth, and up our nose, 😖, which tasted disgusting, so we spent a little bit of time making rock towers, because you can’t exactly make sandcastles at a rocky beach!🏖⛱

We were all pretty hungry, so all of the adults except for my dad went to get some snacks, like chick pea chips, great cheese, and yummy peaches. It was getting pretty late, so we left the beach, and agreed to meet for dinner near our apartment. I was looking for a sundress because my other dress got ripped, so we found a store, tried a couple of dresses on, and I got a really pretty purple and black one, that I really liked.

Anyway, we got back to the apartment, had showers, got dressed (Me in my purple and black dress,) .and met our other half, so we started walking around, and looking for resturaunts. We finally found a kabab place, but it was already 9:30pm by the time we started eating! After a great dinner, went and got ice cream at a really good ice cream place, got back to our apartment and fell fast asleep.

What an amazing day!

Thanks for reading our blog!


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  1. Thanks for the little tour and your adventures. Such a great experience for you kids. Keep the blogs coming. I love reading all of rhem……Ciao Bella ❤


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