What is Worldschooling – A Vlog by Annabelle

I was given a project by one of my favorite teachers from home… “Create a Vlog about your travels which I can show my class to better explain what a Vlog actually is.” This sounded like a blast so I jumped at the chance. It’s been harder and more work than I expected but I (and my production crew ;)) have learnt tons about filming, editing and moviemaking.

For those of you who want to know how Amelia and I have been learning this year this vlog may explain a few things.

Thanks, enjoy!


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  1. Absolutely fantastic darling,loved it well done XXXXXXX

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  2. Annabelle x what a Fantastic video you both are very clever .we were smiling all the way through the video. you were so good x a natural presenter may be TV. More please .we love you all very much xxxx

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  3. You are a natural at this, Annabelle! Thanks for sharing more about what learning has been like this year for you. Sounds fun but with lots of challenges!

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  4. A’belle… were you using a teleprompter??… and how many pairs of pants ‘n shorts did you wear out on that railing??
    Also, I’m thinking that the equator must run right underneath me, no matter where I am… why else would I be dizzy all the time??

    (Yo…!! Spielberg… Scorsese… Kubrick… Tarantino… Coppola… you feelin’ this? Now, take a seat. Better yet, leave the room.)

    Ciao For Now, Abelle!!…!!

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  5. I am so proud of you! This is sooo amazing. Thank you for all your hard work! My favorite part was the shout out you gave me! Miss you too! Also the part when you said that everyone you meet is your teacher. That is so true and a great reminder for all of us.

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