Beautiful Italia, by Annabelle

Lago di Garda, Torbole, Italy

September 24 -26, 2018

Here we Come Italy, Here we Come! (a poem)

Sweet smell of pasta and pizza floating through the air

Mountains and valleys and tiny passages swarming through my hair

Cats and dogs running the fields

Hotel breakfasts, our favorite meals

Windsurfers and mountain bikers and candy in the lobby

Eating gelato is my favorite hobby

Sunsets and water and little girls jumping

People at tables dining on dumplings — gnocchi 🙂

Something about Italy strikes me so much

I just like saying I’ll miss you a bunch!

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  1. I love reading your poems. They are so great! What’s your favorite gelato flavor?

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  2. WHOA!!… ABELLY18…!! I had no idea that you were a “Poet-essa”… (that might be Italiano for “Girl-Poet-Writer-Person”… hmmmmm… probably not.)

    In the picture you took of the town from up on the hill, it looks like there’s a whole bunch’a camping trailers… aka, Caravans… parked on both sides of the canal. LET’S BUY ONE AND LIVE THERE!! We’ll set up a food stand and sell to the touristas! You make the gelato… Amelia will make the gnocchi… La-La will make the pasta… Mama will be the pizza-maker-essa… I’ll be the Official Quality Control Taster Person… and dada will do the dishes. AND WE’LL HAVE A CAT!!… MAYBE TWO!! (La-La first wants to know if there’s any snow there…)

    CIAO FOR NOW…!! xoxoxoxo

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  3. Love your stories and photos…enjoy every minute. You’ll never regret this fabulous journey.

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  4. Such a fantastic poem, Annabelle. You really captured what Italy has meant to you!

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  5. Brilliant xxx

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  6. An inspiring poem, Annabelle. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful ❤


  7. I am inspired by your poem to visit Italy, Annabelle. Thanks for sharing and pics, too. Wonderful❤


  8. Brava, Annabelle! Sei una vera poetessa! Anchi’o mangerei gelato e gnocchi ogni giorno se potessi…
    Continui a scrivere!


  9. What a great poem! Italy is a really inspiring country and the gelato is delicious. So glad you had a great time there.


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