Climbing the highest church steeple in the world! ⛪⛪ by Amelia

September 19, 2018

We only had one day in Ulm, Germany, so we decided to do the only thing that made sense. We climbed the highest church steeple in the world!

Side note: After doing some reasearch in our hotel room, we found that Ulm, Germany was not only the home of the highest church steeple, but was also the birth place of Albert Einstein!

Anyway, we left our hotel room in search of the church steeple. (It wasn’t very hard to find) The steeple apparently had 768 steps, so I decided to count them to see if that was right (assuming that my counting job was right😋) We paid the fee and started up the steeple. It made all of us very dizzy, because the staircase was a very narrow, spiraling staircase up to the top. I took lots and lots of pictures, the quality of them depending on how dizzy I was.😁🤪

There were 2 breaks in the narrow winding staircase. The first was a tiny narrow pathway around the circumference of the steeple, where

we got to look out on the whole city. Annabelle was not appreciating the narrow passageways, and was wanting to go down right away.

We procceded on anyway, and reached another, much bigger space where many people were sitting, enjoying the view, or even eating lunch.

Then, believe it or not, we had to go up an even narrower staircase leading up to the top, AND, people were going in different directions, so if someone wanted to pass, we would have to squeeze up against the very uncomfortable cement wall. When we FINALLY got to the top, we had an AMAZING view. I swear we could see Italy. (Not really)

When we were going down the steeple, the bells suddenly went off. It was so scary and loud, and we all kinda freaked out 🙂

Climbing the church steeple was really fun, and now I get to say that I climbed the highest church steeple in the world.😜

By the way, I counted 733 steps😂

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  1. LOVE these photos!! And I demand a recount 😉


  2. What great climbing! And how fun to learn that the tallest steeple is in Ulm.


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